RFID security labels for library

About the concept of the security label using hidden paper label design ,see bare chips

Narrow strip, two head extension design ,more easy to book the most in the side, strong concealment
Using hidden paper label design, even apart from type paper also see the chips
Label the overall anti-static processing, reduce the books the damage caused by the friction of the chip
Label use neutral environmental protection glue, don’t damage the books paper medium

Work standards:ISO18000-6C
Read and write distance:0 to 6 meters
Encapsulation method :anti-static film as a whole package, two head extension design, security label packaging
Size: inner core length:135mm or higher, label a total length of 350mm or more, the width 5 mm or less
Glue: Neutral environment
Tag chip: hidden protection
RFID security labels for library

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