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RFID security labels for library

About the concept of the security label using hidden paper label design ,see bare chips CHARACTERISTIC Narrow strip, two head extension design ,more easy to book the most in the side, strong concealment Using...


EM+RFID eas library workstation

Features: 1.Flat type design, maximize the convenience of the staff operation. 2.It can complete all the operations of books in one device. Function: 1.Support SIP2 interface protocol mode. 2.The staff operate borrow, return and...


EM security gate Library security gate system

BS-9500 EM gate, EM system, EM detection gate. Technical specification: •Path Width: 100CM •Power consumption: < 6W •Optimal performance temperature: -20- +60c •Voltage:180-260V Description : •Crystal detection gate using digital technology; •can be installed...